The NeoStead 2000 (NS2000) is a combat shotgun developed by the South African company Truvelo.

The NS2000 has been used in trial runs for a few years by special forces like the British SAS and there are hopes at NeoStead that larger weapons manufacturers will license the production rights. Production of the shotgun began in 2001 and the first models were made available in October of that year. It is notable due to its unusual forward pump action.


The NS2000 is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun weighing in at just over 3 kg, designed primarily for security and civil disturbance situations.

The firearm includes a 22.5-inch (572mm) barrel despite the overall weapon length of just 27 inches (686mm). The short length makes the weapon easier to handle in close-quarters situations; however, unlike most firearms of this type, it can still remain accurate at relatively long ranges. The long barrel length is achieved by using a bullpup configuration, with a rear-fed tubular magazine.

Another aspect of the NS2000 is its dual six-round magazines. The selector switch can be set to left, right, or alternating. In riot conditions, for example, less-lethal flexible baton rounds can be used with standard rounds in reserve.

A possible production variant of the NS2000 has an 18-inch barrel in a weapon with an overall length of 22 inches. The shorter length reduced the magazine capacity to 5+5 rounds and makes the weapon easier to import or license in many countries.

Its pump mechanism operates in a forward-back motion due to its moving-barrel mechanism, instead of the traditional moving-action. This method of operation is quite rare, being used only by a select few shotguns.

The NS2000 has been available for civilian purchase since 2003, with the majority of sales being in Europe. The NS2000 is classed as a non-restricted firearm in Canada. However, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the USA does not yet allow imports of the weapon.

Since the year 2003 and as of now (February 2009), the NeoStead shotgun is manufactured by Truvelo Manufacturers Ltd. of South Africa.