The Mini-Uzi is a more compact frame of the standard UZI, which enhances the use in tight close quarter combat.
Uzi mini 10

The Mini-Uzi


In 1980, the Israel Special Forces introduced the Mini-Uzi, which was offered globally. The Mini-Uzi retains all the positive features of it's big brother, the UZI, but it also has it's new modifications:

  • The most important change is it's size. With the stock extended, it is only 60 centemeters in length, however while the stock is folded, it is 36 centemeters in length. Because of it's relatively small size, it is easier to weild and use.
  • The stock is largely different, smaller, but largely different. It is less wobbly and has an extra hinge, making it easier to unfold the stock.
  • Adjustable rear and front sights.
  • The Mini-Uzi is closed bolt operated, as opposed to the UZI, which is open bolt operated.