The Micro Tavor Assault Rifle (M.T.A.R.) is a compact weapon designed for special unit forces and military personnel.

The Micro Tavor Assault Rifle


The Micro Tavor was developed by the Israel Military Industry and first appeared in public in 1998. The model name of Micro-Tavor was dropped in mid 2008 and the gun was re-launched as the dual-caliber X95. As issued, the X95 is chambered for the 5.56 × 45 mm cartridge, but a simple install conversion kit allows a rapid change in caliber as the tactical situation demands.


With a barrel length of only 59 cm the M.T.A.R. is considered to be the shortest 5.56mm weapon in the market, yet its barrel is only five centimeters short of the assault rifle version. Utilizing a conversion kit, the M.T.A.R. can be turned into a 9mm sub-machinegun loaded with 25 round magazines. This capability has significantly helped training and operational advantages for special operations and SWAT units, which usually maintain two dedicated weapons for short and medium range operations.