The Mikoyan MiG-29

The Mikoyan MiG-29 (Russian: Микоян МиГ-29), otherwise known as the "Fulcrum" is a 4th-generation jet fighter aircraft developed during the 1970's. It was meant to maintain the role of air superiority and outperform, if not as well as, newer fighters such as the F-15 Eagle and the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Both the MiG-29 and the Su-27 were developed for that purpose. The Fulcrum's maiden flight occurred on October 7 1977 and was placed into service for the Soviet Air Force in 1983. It still remains in use by the Russian Air Force and has been exported to many countries, Germany included.


As any other Russian weapon, the MiG-29 "Fulcrum" has been widely exported with satisfaction and fame such as to the result many variants have been produced including the Fulcrum-D and the Super Fulcrum.


Generally, the MiG-29 is armed with either a 100 or 150 round autocannon, and can accept multiple air-to-air weapons as well as air-to-surface weaponry, depending on the model.