Gp30 2101a

A GP-30 Grenade Launcher

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History Edit

The GP-25 Kostyor ('Bonfire') is a Russian under barrel grenade launcher for the AK-Series of assault rifles. They were first seen by the west in 1984 during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. The initial version was designated BG-15, and was fitted under the barrels of AK-74 assault rifles. The main production version, the GP-25, has a different sighting system. The 40-mm GP-25 under-barrel grenade launcher is a standard issue weapon of the Russian Army. It is also used by Special Forces including Spetsnaz, the Federal Security Service (formerly the KGB) and Ministry of Justice. A simplified version called the GP-30 is in use now, and can be fitted on most assault rifles used by Spetsnaz, such as the AN94, OTS-14 GROZA, and AK-74.