CZ 2000 weapon system

The ČZ 2000 is a prototype 5.56 mm caliber Czech weapon system, consisting of a standard rifle, carbine and light machine gun. The system was developed in 1991 after adapting the LADA firearm prototype (chambered for the 5.45x39mm M74 cartridge to the standard NATO 5.56x45mm round with the SS109 bullet. J. Denel from the Brno-based Prototypa-ZM company is the chief designer for both systems. The ČZ 2000 (short for Česká Zbrojovka, and the number 2000 signifies that this is a weapon system of the year 2000) was to be produced by Česká Zbrojovka of Uherský Brod. It was to be the new service weapon of the Czech Army, replacing: the 7.62 mm vz. 58 assault rifle, 7.65 mm vz. 61 Škorpion submachine gun and 7.62 mm vz. 59 machine gun. As of 2007, the project has been discontinued.